The Richard Shuldiner, OD/William Feinbloom, OD
Philosophy and Methods for Providing Low Vision Care™

The Richard Shuldiner, OD/William Feinbloom, OD
Philosophy and Methods for Providing Low Vision Care™

Become a Low Vision Specialist

Dr. Shuldiner offers a unique, highly effective, proven successful, intensive training in being a low vision specialist. Our training program was created in the year 2000. We have 41 doctors throughout the USA, Canada and South Africa using the training every day. Some of our doctors grossed over one million dollars in low vision revenue last year! The training is designed to bring you professional and financial satisfaction. When our proven system is implemented, you will help those that are in need of help the most and bring in extra cash income.

Our Breakthrough Training Program Will:

✔ Allow you to improve the lives of patients that desperately need help

✔ Give you the professional satisfaction of making a huge difference in their lives

✔ Dramatically boost your income

✔ Reward you with the supportive culture of over 40 doctors

✔ Give you access to webinars, annual meetings, coaching and support


Why Become a Low Vision Specialist?


Become an EXPERT in helping patients that desperately need help.


Benefit from national + international website & media exposure


Join a close-knit group of like-minded professionals who support each other’s success

Develop Professionally & Financially

Contact Dr. Shuldiner for More About the Training


Participate in coaching/wisdom through conference calls & webinars


Be invited to annual meetings and events.

A few words from one of our patients:

"I am able to drive now and get back some of my freedom...Dr. Shuldiner was able to give me many tools and techniques."


H.A., age 19, is now driving safely with bioptic telescope glasses.


Here's what you'll learn:

Discernment - Some people's vision will be either too good or too poor to be a low vision candidate. Our training program will teach you who should and should not be in your chair with just a 5 minute phone call.

The Shuldiner 12-Step Exam - Time is money. The goal of the 12 step exam is for it to be completed in an hour or less. The exam is sharp and to the point.

Which LV aids to use and when - If you want to earn a living while providing low vision care, stocking and demonstrating the right low vision devices will make all the difference. We'll teach you all about the prices, where to order, what labs to use and why.

Dispensing - Dispensing the low vision aids is an art—as is managing patient expectations. It’s all about knowing what they expect but don't necessarily express.

Professional Support - By partaking in our program you'll gain access to monthly webinars, annual meetings, and constant availability by email for any questions you may have along the way. Dr. Shuldiner is always available by cell phone or for a virtual meeting.