IALVS Guiding Principles

IALVS is committed to the Inclusion of Excellent Low Vision Care throughout the eye care profession.

IALVS will provide continuing education and training for its doctors.
IALVS doctors will practice a win/win philosophy.
IALVS will provide an environment of sharing information and experience for the benefit both its members and patients.
IALVS will encourage outreach methods to increase awareness of low vision services.

Core Values

Acting with honesty and honor.
Providing ongoing training, education and support for its members.
Supporting its members in providing outstanding care and compassion in their work.
Teamwork, trust and loyalty.
Providing a culture of sharing and support.
Value of the individual.
Considering all members a valuable part of our organization.

Our Mission

The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists is committed to transforming the culture of the eye care profession to include the care of vision loss patients. With the realization that there is life after vision loss, we strive to enhance the quality of life, independence and safety of low vision patients.

Our Vision

IALVS is respected and known as the leading low vision organization in the world.