Dr. Richard Shuldiner

Dr. Richard J. Shuldiner, Low Vision Optometrist, is a giant in the field of low vision care. He is a Low Vision Diplomate Emeritus in the American Academy of Optometry and President of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists.

As a young low vision doctor in the 1980’s, Dr. Shuldiner found himself under the wing of the Father of Low Vision Care, Dr. William Feinbloom, OD, PhD. Dr. Feinbloom was the inventor of the bioptic telescope glasses for driving, the microscope lens for reading and various contact lenses. Dr. Shuldiner was also fortunate to work under Dr. Eleanor Faye, MD, the Medical Director of the New York Lighthouse and Dr. Bruce Rosenthal, OD, FAAO, Chief of Low Vision Services for The Lighthouse. The New York Lighthouse, later Lighthouse International and now part of The Guild-Lighthouse was the largest and most advanced low vision service in the world.

Dr. Shuldiner founded and was Clinical Director of The New York Lighthouse upstate low vision services located in White Plains, New York and Middletown, New York. He was instrumental in founding the Dutchess Lighthouse as well.

Before leaving New York for California in the 1990’s, Dr. Shuldiner was a member of the Pleasant Valley Lions Club, President of The Lions Vision Foundation, President of The Holiday Project and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Dutchess County Diabetes Association.

After moving to California, Dr. Shuldiner invented The Richard Shuldiner, OD/William Feinbloom, OD Philosophy & Methods for Providing Low Vision Care, an intensive training program in low vision care for Optometrists. He founded The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS) in 2002. All of the current 39 low vision optometrist members of IALVS were personally trained in California by Dr. Shuldiner.

Dr. Shuldiner has lectured on low vision in Israel, Africa, China, Russia, Ukraine, and throughout the United States. He is published in The Review of Optometry, Optometric Management, EyeCare Business, 20/20 Magazine and other optometric publications. In 2018, Dr. Shuldiner was named Chief Clinical Editor of Managing Low Vision, an eNewletter received by over 33,000 eye care professionals each month.

Dr. Shuldiner was named to the 5 member Eye Health Leadership Committee of the American Diabetes Association in January, 2020.

Dr. Shuldiner lives in Corona, with his wife Elena. They have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Dr. Shuldiner is an avid golfer and, together with his wife, an avid movie goer.