Why should I do this training?

Professional Satisfaction:  Help those most in need of help.

Financial Satisfaction: Low Vision is a cash based service.  When implemented with our proven system, the financial benefits can be huge.

What benefits will I receive?

  1. Intensive training results in the ability to treat any type of low vision patient with confidence and expertise.
  2. Joining an incredible group of private practicing low vision optometrists who are eager to share their knowledge and experience.   We share what works and what doesn’t work. We call ourselves The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS).   The IALVS has an outstanding website; we market nationally and internationally;  IALVS is respected and known as the leading low vision organization in the world.
  3. Monthly member-only conference calls for additional training, support and coaching.
  4. Access to the extensive library of videos, audios, power points, forms, publications and more. 
  5. Coaching from all of our doctors as well as Dr. Shuldiner’s cell phone. Call anytime!

Annual Events

The Annual Meetings have a wonderful culture all to themselves.   Most of the doctors attend every year because of the value in the relationships and the continuing education provided.  Meetings are held each autumn in different cities. We have held meetings in Nashville, Las Vegas, San Diego, Orlando, Dallas, Anaheim, New York, and other fun cities. The 18th Annual Meeting will occur in Charlotte, NC in October 2023.

The short videos below will give you a sense of our annual meetings.