This group is such a tremendous resource - thanks to everyone who offered suggestions (both publicly and privately).  If you had told me 6 months ago that I would be working on cases like this, I wouldn’t have believed you.  Fun and impactful work – I’m really enjoying working in Low Vision. 

Peter DeGraziano, OD
San Deigo, California


All good things must come to an end. After 49 years of practicing optometry, I have decided to actually retire for the second time. I have sold my Low Vision practice and purchased a condominium in Naples, Florida. I will spend the winters there which will make it difficult for me to properly serve the low vision population in Ohio.

Years ago, I attended a lecture by Richard Shuldiner concerning low vision which peaked my interest. Later, after I sold my Rinkov Eyecare Center practices, I decided to call Richard and pursue a low vision career.

Low Vision and being a member of IALVS has been perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my career. It is such a truly unique feeling when I was able to help my patients enjoy life again, particularly when they had been told by many that “nothing else could be done”.

I will miss the monthly calls and the annual meeting. Thank you, Richard, your friendship and support has been invaluable to me.

Mark Rinkov, OD

"In practicing low vision care as taught by Dr. Shuldiner, I enjoy it so much that I’m trying hard to phase out of primary optometric care."

Jarrod Long, OD


"Low vision has made my professional life enjoyable and rewarding; both personally and financially. I love it when I can help someone be able to keep their independence, when they had almost given up hope."

Paul Woolf, OD


"Being able to treat patients with low vision is so rewarding and fulfilling; it is wonderful to bring the gift of vision back to those with vision loss."

John Bissell, OD


"I never quite know who is more fortunate, the low vision patients we help or the gratification that comes from being able to help them!"

Cheryl Dumont, OD


"Low vision has allowed me to have a sub specialty in my profession, opening up referral channels to ophthalmology/optometry colleagues, and helping people improve on their daily tasks while getting along with life."

Benjamin Liss, OD
South Africa


"Providing low vision care is one of the most fulfilling things I do in my practice--being able to give someone their life back!"

Marianne McDaniel, OD


"As a low vision doctor, it is a joy and an honor to provide vision care that actually restores hope and improves quality of life to those with vision loss."

John Pino, OD


"To see a patient's reaction to being able to read , watch television, and function again and to see their children cry when they see their parent's reaction  is priceless and provides me with a very peaceful inner feeling."

Mark Rinkov, OD


"I’m Shuldiner trained to provide excellent care, helping people see better and being properly financially compensated.  What a beautiful thing!"

Larry Chism, OD