How can you teach me to be a specialist in 4 days?

The intensive training program is unique.  Traditional learning moves what you “don’t know” into what you do know.   We deal in what you don’t know that you don’t know.  The transformational training has you “being” a low vision doctor before you even know the doing part of low vision.   Once you are “being” a low vision doctor, the doing part is learned very quickly.

What is included in the Low Vision Specialist training?

  1. How to get the phone ringing with low vision patients.
  2. How to handle the phone call in 5 minutes to:
    1. Filter who belongs in your chair and who does not.
    2. Manage the expectations of the patient.
    3. Present all the details they need to know so there are no surprises.
    4. Making the appointment.
  3. How to perform the 12 step Shuldiner Low Vision Exam in one hour or less.
  4. What low vision devices provide the best benefit for the patient and provide financial viability for the doctor.
  5. How and where to order low vision devices and what equipment is needed.
  6. How to dispense low vision devices to leave the patient better than they came in.